Crafts for Kids:  24 Artistic Ideas to Let Your Kids Explore Their Creative Side

Kids want to learn, grow, and explore the world around them. They want to create new things and dabble in various activities to understand what they like and don’t.

One great way to explore your child’s creativity is with DIY crafts. Crafting can help kids engage in their artistic side and give them a sense of accomplishment.

According to Scholastic, crafting can help preschool-aged children develop fine motor skills and learn pattern recognition.

Benefits of  Crafting for Children

Older children can learn critical thinking skills and dedication to a project, and crafting can help boost teenagers’ self-esteem with a sense of accomplishment.

Making puppets allows your kids to complete a craft project and get a new toy at the end.

Puppet Making

Making a scrapbook allows a child to explore their creative side, but it also helps them remember good times and gives them a keepsake for when they are older.


It allows children to build something with their own hands and help another living creature.

Build a Birdbox

Drawing can help kids explore their imaginations or fine-tune their artistic abilities. Another bonus of drawing is that it requires minimal clean-up or supervision.


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