Crafts for Kids  to Explore  Creative Side

Kids want to learn, grow, and explore the world around them. They want to create new things and dabble in various activities to understand what they like and don’t. One great way to explore your child’s creativity is with DIY crafts.

Crafting can help kids engage in their artistic side and give them a sense of accomplishment.  Here are the best crafts for kids that are fun and easy for everyone.

There are a few crafts that are fun to do all year long. These top arts and crafts projects for kids will keep them occupied for hours at any time of the year.

The Best Crafts  for Kids

Puppet Making

Making puppets allows your kids to complete a craft project and get a new toy at the end. The simplest way to make a puppet is by attaching googly eyes to an old sock. Add some flair to your puppet by giving it yarn for hair and drawing lips with marker or lipstick.

Scrapbooking is the perfect craft for lazy days. Making a scrapbook allows a child to explore their creative side, but it also helps them remember good times and gives them a keepsake for when they are older.


Paper mâché is a system of using paper and a homemade glue mixture to create a work of art. Kids can make many items with paper mâché, from decorative masks to bowls to figurines. You will need newspaper, flour, water, and a base to which you can adhere the paper. Items such as Styr

Paper Mâché

One of the best things about children’s crafts is that they don’t need to be complicated. Kids have incredible imaginations and can use everyday items to create beautiful things. Use things you already have in your house to create paper roll crafts or paper plate crafts. Let your kids use these items to open up their imaginations.

Household Paper Crafts

To make a paper mâché craft, first create your glue. Mix flour and water until you have a heavy cream-like consistency. Next, rip your paper into strips. Soak the strips in the glue mixture until they are fully saturated. Adhere the paper to the base to complete the structure. Once dry, you can remove the base for a sturdy paper mâché craft.

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