Is the Daughter Wrong For Asking For Her Parents’ Entire Estate In Return For Being Her Sister’s Sole Guardian?

As a mother of two teenagers, I ran into the age-old conversation  parents often share with their children: “When we die, can you promise  us that you will do this for us?”

Except, these parents told their daughter when she was very young and  repeatedly told her that If anything happened to the parents,  she would  be her sister’s guardian.”

Her disabled sister is 33 and in a group home. She has two older  brothers who are married and in established careers. Jane has a job she  can do from anywhere and wants to travel.

For the sake of this story, we’ll call the now 23-year-old daughter Jane  who visited her parents and again reminded her she would be the  guardian. Her parents are healthy but have had recent scares.

1. The three siblings serve as guardians and split the responsibilities and duties.

Jane decided to propose three ideas for her parents:

2. Their parents leave the entire estate to their sister in a trust that will oversee her care.

Jane decided to propose three ideas for her parents:

3. Leave the estate with the proviso that Jane becomes her sole guardian and takes full responsibility.

Jane decided to propose three ideas for her parents:

Jane offered another option, telling her parents they could completely  cut her out of their will and remove the sister’s guardianship as her  responsibility.

That upset her parents, and her brothers called Jane to say she was  being greedy, trying to keep them from getting any money from the  parents after they passed.

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