Dealing With The Awkwardness of Money

The awkwardness of money arises in many situations, adding discomfort, causing envy, and providing stress in relationships. In extreme cases, distrust may lead to financial infidelity, marital discord, and even divorce.

The Awkwardness Of Money Arises In These 10 Situations

1. When You Are In A Different Economic Situation Than Your Friends When you earn less than your friends, don’t shy away from being together, whether eating out, shopping, or going on a vacation. Prioritize what is most important to you.

2. Shopping With Others With Different Spending Habits

Ever go shopping with friends for clothes, and bring home garments you didn’t want? I have and I will return items that I know I won’t wear. However, when I was younger I was often afraid to hurt my friends’ feelings to keep the clothing.

3. Making A Loan To A Friend Or Being A Co-Signer

Being asked for a loan by a friend or family can be awkward. Just because you are earning more money does not necessarily mean you have to make a loan. You may have many uses for your money, notably savings and investments.

4. Roommate Agreements Will Spare You Some Discomfort About Money Issues

Living with roommates can bring out inelegance when dealing with money. While sharing an apartment or house is a great way to save money and have independence, there will inevitably be challenges. Everyone’s name should be on the lease so that the responsibility is somewhat split.

6. Don’t Hire Someone You Know. It Can Be Awkward.

When working at a desirable company, A friend may ask if you can put in a good word for someone or get them an interview. Think carefully before you do so. It can sometimes be better to pass if you know of their shortcomings or lack of experience for the job.

7. Talking With A Significant Other About Money

When you are first dating, you don’t usually talk about what you earn or deal with money. However, as you become more serious, you may want to find out about each other’s values, including financial priorities.

8. When People Tell You How To Spend Your Money

People usually mean well when they give you advice on your clothes, weight, or working too hard. One sensitive area is money and how you should spend it.

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