Dealing  With The Awkwardness of Money

Have you ever had difficulty talking about a money situation with your friends, family, colleagues, or significant other?

The awkwardness of money arises in many situations, adding discomfort, causing envy, and providing stress in relationships.

The Awkwardness Of Money Arises In These 10 Situations

When You Are In A Different Economic Situation Than Your Friends

Being with my friends was what mattered most. It takes some finesse to navigate, but it is worth it to be with good friends.

Shopping With Others With Different Spending Habits

We are particularly prone to overspending when we shop in a group, especially with people who have more ease purchasing high ticket items.

Making A Loan To A Friend Or Being A Co-Signer

Being asked for a loan by a friend or family can be awkward. Just because you are earning more money does not necessarily mean you have to make a loan.

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