Beloved Desserts From 50 States

America is often called a melting pot. You can see this mixing of backgrounds, cultures, and local ingredients in the pots and pans of our country’s bakers.

Born out of European influences, traveling immigrants, Great Depression ingenuity, and farm-fresh crops, here’s beloved desserts from fifty states to inspire your next confection.

1. Maryland’s Smith Island Cake

The state’s official dessert with multiple thin layers of cake and frosting has varied recipes based down from generation to generation.

In a state that produces 70% of tart cherries, it is no surprise that cherry pie is one of Michigan’s favorite desserts.

2. Michigan’s Cherry Pie

This ooey-gooey dessert includes butter, graham cracker crumbs, shredded coconut, chocolate chips, butternut scotch chips, sweetened condensed milk, and nuts.

3. Minnesota’s Seven Layer Bars

Grab an old-fashioned ice cream treat when visiting historic downtown Branson at Mr. B’s Ice Cream Parlor.

4. Missouri’s Ice Cream Cone

5. Connecticut’s Snickerdoodle Cookie

Brought to the U.S. by English, Scottish, and Dutch immigrants, it’s still beloved today by Connecticut residents.

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