How Barbie, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift Are Connected

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A celebrity divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, even connected all three phenomena to a higher divorce rate. She stated, “They’re feeling their power by going to see Barbie and Taylor and Beyoncé.

Barbie, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift Are Connected

Watching strong women live out their “wildest dreams” helps less confident individuals see themselves in a new light, all while shouting, “Hi, Barbie,” to other women facing the same issues.

1. Elevates Confidence

“When Barbie first came out, a coworker asked what movie she and a date should see. I said Barbie, and she scoffed at taking a dude to see it. I told her any man opposed to seeing Barbie because it’s a ‘girl movie’ isn’t someone you should be dating.

2. Take a Date to Barbie

A user shares a heartwarming sentiment that these displays of strong, confident, independent women facing injustice and making moves in the world translate to supplying women with the inner strength to get out of relationships they were settling for.

3. Strength To Stand Up

Every summer trend this year started from a woman’s mind. “I also love the wholesome trends that came with it. I think dressing up in fun costumes, making friendship bracelets, and swapping them is the cutest thing society has come up with in a while,” a consumer beams.

4. Fostering Wholesome Connections

The Barbie movie, The Eras Tour, and the Renaissance Tour shared a common thread: women no longer need to put up with a “tolerable level of permanent unhappiness.” They can explore the world and their passions without a negative system dragging down their self-image.

5. Away With Unhappiness

Multiple women on this thread note that their husbands, brothers, and male friends who demonstrated interest in any of these three events support women and maintain positive values.

6. Support From the Right People

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