Don’t Stress! Make a Travel Checklist

These 5 areas will help you determine what items you’ll need to put on your travel checklist for the upcoming trip. A travel list will help you save time and money.

1. Your Destination International travel requires more advanced planning to ensure you have the right travel visas, up-to-date vaccines or immunizations, and a valid passport. In most cases, you’ll also want to book your flights and accommodations ahead of time, as last-minute international travel can be costly.

2. Travel Companions When you’re traveling with friends, there are things you can share, like a hairdryer or hair straightener, maps, travel adaptors, and over-the-counter medication. Share your travel checklist with your friends so you all can pack light!

3. How Long You’ll Be Travelling The longer your trip, the more items you’ll need. Remember, the more days you’re away from home, the more variance there could be in the weather.

4. Your Accommodations Where you’ll be staying also determines what you should pack and add to your travel checklist.

5. Your Mode of Transportation If your trip involves flying, you need to pack more carefully than you would if you’re traveling by car, bus, or train. One thing you’ll need to do ahead of time is to check the dimensions of your luggage, as the oversized baggage fees airlines charge can be hefty.

1. Travel Documents – Passport and other identification – Reservations: hotel, car rental, excursions – A copy of your boarding pass – either printed or saved as a photo on your cell phone – Any COVID-related documentation (test results, immunization card, etc.) – Map or guidebook – Your itinerary

2. Clothing – A nice outfit – in case you decide to go for a fancy dinner or to see a show – Several casual outfits – preferably one per day, per person – A sweater or hoodie – Socks, underwear, and other delicates

3. Toiletries & Medication 4. Travel Essentials 5. Entertainment 6. Additional Items

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