The Top 6 Apps Every Globetrotter Needs

Essential travel apps

Recently, men and women accustomed to traveling around the globe met in an online discussion to reveal the apps every adventurer needs; these apps make you travel smarter, not harder!

Travel Smarter, Not Harder

Any conversation revolving around must-have travel apps begins and ends with the ubiquitous Google Maps. From providing step-by-step walking navigation to letting you know what restaurants in your area are open, Google Maps is the ultimate travel app!

1. Google Maps

Proper organization is vital when traveling anywhere, and TripIt helps with personal organization more than other apps! TripIt is a must-download, whether it’s a business or pleasure trip. “TripIt kept me organized when I had to do a lot of work travel,”

2. TripIt

I’m surprised how many people admit they don’t bother downloading their respective airline’s app before they take off. That’s like erasing a lifeline from your phone before the trip starts!

3. Your Airline’s App

While Google Maps is arguably the best do-it-all travel app, Citymapper trumps it in one case: Public transportation. “Citymapper is the best for navigating public transport in cities,” reveals one traveler.

4. Citymapper

During your travels, you’ll inevitably encounter a language you’re not familiar with. Thankfully, Google Translate provides real-time translation tools, so you won’t be lost in a new language!

5. Google Translate

Diving head-first into local tours, shows, and attractions is a fantastic way to get to know the culture in any unfamiliar city. Thankfully, there’s an app that will save you money while doing so! “Get Your Guide is great for local attraction tickets and tours,”

6. Get Your Guide

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