Everything You Need to Know About Tesla Stock – Price, News, and Mor

With the stock market as volatile as it is right now, chances are you’re looking for ways to get in on the action.

The Tesla stock has likely crossed your radar several times when surveying potential stocks to pick.

After all, very few other big companies have had their share price explode as Tesla’s has.

Here’s some basic information about the Tesla stock that you’ll want to take note of before investing. This information is grabbed directly from the market data provided by Yahoo Finance and is current as of January 3rd, 2022: – Market Capitalization: $1.205 trillion – PE (price-to-earnings) Ratio: 391.83 – Average Volume: 26,579,322 – Total Return: 31,144%

Info About the Tesla Stock

High production and delivery – One of the biggest pros to investing in Tesla is its high number of electric vehicles that it manages to produce and deliver. In recent years, Tesla has shown its ability to ramp up production and bring in profits for investors.

Pros of Tesla:

Growth – Another promising aspect of Tesla is how much growth potential it shows. Since 2020, the management team at Tesla has promised that it would grow deliveries by 50% in the coming years and has since (mostly) delivered on those promises.

Cons of Tesla: Keyman risk – In 2018, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that he was “considering taking Tesla private at $420.” This action forced Elon Musk to step down from chairman of the board (in his lawsuit with the Securities Exchange Commission) and consequently dropped Tesla’s stock price hundreds of points.

Expensive – As of this writing, Tesla’s current market price is over $1000 (you could buy a whole set of golf clubs with that money!) and the price-to-earnings ratio is exceptionally high compared to its competitors.

Competition – Speaking of competitors, increasing competition is another con to investing in Tesla stock. Just a couple of years ago, Tesla could proudly state that it was the only genuine electric vehicle manufacturer in the industry.

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