Financial Resolutions For The New Year

The year 2020 is almost here. It’s time to plan our New Year’s resolutions. You don’t need New Year’s to do financial planning

the beginning of the year is as a excellent time to review financial goals and improve our habits.

11 Resolutions To Get In Good Financial Shape

A new year means you are one year closer to going to college or graduation, starting your career, going back to school, your kids going to college or your retirement. Any upcoming life events that require you to make changes to your financial goals

1. Financial Goals For 2020

Go to your financial planner before year-end to do tax planning. That may involve selling long term securities with capital losses to offset capital gains in order to reduce your upcoming tax bill. You want to review your 2020 financial goals with a planner.

2. Visit A Financial Adviser or Planner

3. Protect Yourself Against Unexpected Costs With An Emergency Fund And Insurance

Emergencies happen. They can put a serious dent in our budget and our lives. To save for unplanned costs, my parents kept money in envelopes around the house, under mattresses, and in cookie jars.

4. Net Worth And Budget Are Key Tools To Measure Wealth

Your net worth statement and monthly budget statement are the important financial statements to create, measure and update.

Spending can be the root of financial evil if you splurge too much. Only 46% of Americans report making more than they spend according to a Pew Research study.

5. Spend Within Your Means

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