Free Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Finding the perfect font is not only challenging, it can also be expensive too. Paying for every typography you think could work with your design adds up quickly.

With free fonts, you can test drive them before making any financial commitment (should you use them for commercial purposes).

What Are the Best Free Fonts to Use?

The best free fonts to use will depend on the vibe you’re going for and the demographic you’re trying to reach.

Best Free Sans-Serif Fonts

– Newake – Norwester – Animosa – Public Sans – Atami

– Crimson – Butler – Playfair Display – Lora – New York

Best Free  Serif Fonts

– Zallord – Odachi – Rustico – Banaue – Levi Brush

Best Free  Brush Fonts

– Cervanttis – Signature Monoline – Tomato Soup – Salted Mocha – Timothy

Best Free Handwriting Fonts

– Pulsar – Elianto – Anurati – Blanka – Galaxy

Best Free Futuristic Fonts

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