From Sea To Shining Sea: Americans Reveal Their Top 6 Travel Destinations

The United States is filled with memorable destinations that make any trip or vacation unforgettable. Sometimes, it can be hard to choose where to go when planning! Thankfully, your fellow Americans are happy to help out.

Recently, men and women engaged in an online discussion with one goal: to reveal the best travel destinations in the United States.

Don’t sleep in Arizona! Although it gets unbearably hot during summer, it’s a destination state for anyone who loves the great outdoors. The American Southwest is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

1. Sedona, Arizona

Most people have heard about Yellowstone and its gorgeous nature, but witnessing the national park in person is awe-inspiring. Countless men and women credit the park as having the most beautiful wildlife and landscapes in all of the United States, and those traits help Yellowstone pull in millions of visitors annually!

2. Yellowstone National Park, Montana

Traveling to Maine sounds like one of the most arduous road trips ever, but it’s worth it. Not only will you drive through the gorgeous Northeastern U.S., but you’ll also experience Acadia National Park.

3. Acadia National Park, Maine

As someone who lived in San Diego for eleven years, let me make an admission: The city lives up to the hype! Unless you tend to avoid picture-perfect beach towns with perfect weather, friendly people, and tons of things to do outdoors, any traveler owes it to themselves to visit San Diego.

4. San Diego, California

Many Americans consider Georgia the best-kept secret in the nation. It’s a versatile state that caters to various residents and travelers. “Consider exploring Georgia!” touts one woman.

5. Anywhere in Georgia

For millions, the thought of a perfect day includes watching the Cubs play at Wrigley Field, a few slices of Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, and ending the night at one of the many stunning rooftop bars in the city that overlook Lake Michigan. It’s the perfect city to visit because living there has become prohibitively expensive recently!

6. Chicago, Illinois

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