Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas: Celebrate Love, Save Money And Have Fun

Love is in the air. And why wouldn’t  that be? Valentine’s Day is around the corner. February 14 is a special  day for all the love birds.

It’s the day when people think more from their heart than their mind. Hence they often end up spending more than they ought to.

The next slides are all about frugal and fun  Valentine’s day celebration ideas to create memorable moments that you  can cherish forever.

This is fun. Spread clues about the  treasure hunt throughout your house. You can indicate where the next  clue is through a riddle.

Set up a treasure hunt for your spouse

Visit any department store and buy  chocolate compounds. Melt it at the right temperature and pour them into  heart-shaped chocolate molds.

Serve heart-shaped homemade chocolates

Buy a bunch of colorful papers from the store. Write love messages on those papers and hide them in various parts of the house.

Leave love messages all over the house

Browse the gallery of your smartphone.  Select funny and romantic pictures of both of you. Download any good  video editor from iStore.

Make a fun Valentine’s Day video

You can use food color to get everything at the deepest shade of red. That will give an extra zing to your food.

Serve everything red

If your husband or wife can’t take a day off on Valentine’s Day, send a sexy email message to him or her.

Send a sexy email message

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