10 Frank Thoughts About Getting a Prenup Regardless of Love in 2023

The subject of prenuptial agreements in the marriage arena is a polarizing one.

Whatever side of the argument you find yourself on, there are plenty of people with honest opinions about prenuptial agreements.

One person who had been through the trials and tribulations of divorce offered some words of wisdom, “Be careful.” He had a prenup, and his ex fought it in court.

“Be Careful.”

She said no matter how much she loves her partner. She will get a prenup and keep their finances 100% separate.

“No Matter How Much I Love My Partner…”

“What People Don’t Realize…”

Many people don’t realize that a prenup only covers what you had before the wedding and not what you guys made while married.

“This Scares Me.”

The sad truth is that for most marriages, money does complicate things. Ultimately, deciding if a prenup is best for you and your significant other is up to you.

“My Partner Wouldn’t Object.”

In any relationship, respect is paramount, whether or not a prenup is part of the big picture.

“I Don’t See Anything Wrong With a Prenup.”

One of the most honest opinions we’ve come across comes from an  exceptionally sensible take from one man. You can work stuff out; it’s  not a big deal.

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