Girlfriend  Won't Be on Fiancé's House Deed After Marriage

Finances are a complicated issue for many people, and never more so than for couples about to get married. Anyone in a long-term relationship will tell you how difficult it is to share an equitable understanding of all financial matters.

There are many factors to consider about a couple’s financial management, like where they live, whether they will favor joint or independent finances,  and how each contributes to income and assets.

She Won’t Be On Her Fiancé’s House Deed After They Get Married

Original poster (OP), a woman (26F), and her fiancé (28M) recently got engaged and plan to get married in a few months. They have been living together for the past year.  When discussing their future financial plan,  the woman asked when she would be added to the house deed.

A discussion ensued, leading to an argument with her fiancé, who explained why he would not add her name to this property’s deed. He told her that at age 23, his uncle died, leaving him a huge inheritance and setting him up for life, especially because he is not a big spender.

Agree With OP Those who agreed with OP were concerned about her financial independence. One pointed out that she quit her job based on his suggestion. She added, “So now she is entering into a marriage with no income or control over the assets.

One Redditor gave this advice to OP based on her life experience: “I would feel very uncomfortable being fully reliant on someone else. I’d still want my own money and to contribute. I wouldn’t argue if he wanted to pay for a nice vacation or something like that, but not 100% of everything.”

Disagree With OP A Redditor said she was getting a free ride from her fiancé and “being exactly what he’s afraid of. This is his house that he paid for that you had no hand in at all. Now you want it, and it’s suspicious, and you already have way more than normal relationships would ever give you.”

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