How Gratitude Can Lead To Better Finances

You probably don’t need Cicero to tell you that we feel better expressing our thanks to those we love. Telling our families and friends how much we care feels good for both parties.

Both givers and receivers of gratitude can serve up a host of advantages that can help us lead more prosperous lives.

Why not be grateful every day? Gratitude studies suggest these benefits:

1. Healthier mental and physical well-being. 2. Our happiness increases. 3. Reduces stress, anger, and other negative emotions.

 1. Boosts Motivation And Strengthens Our Social Relationships. 2. Increases Patience, Decreases Instant Gratification. 3. Alternative To Materialism And Envy.

How Gratitude Can Lead To Better Finances

 4. Grateful Expressions Boost Our Brains. 5. Promotes Generosity. 6. Being Grateful Leads To Financial Goal Achievement.

1. Establish an emergency fund. 2. Automate payments to avoid late fees. 3. Pay your credit card balances in full, not just the minimum.

List of ten “must do’s” to strengthen your financial position:

4. Find ways to improve your FICO score. 5. Save for retirement through tax-advantaged employer-sponsored benefits. 6. Spend within your means. 7. Don’t be impulsive when shopping.

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