Hobbies That Make Money: 25 Examples You Can Start Now

Hobbies are activities we enjoy doing when we have spare time. These activities help us develop skills and talent, make friends with similar interests, reduce stress, and provide an extra stream of income.

Serious hobbyists find a sense of purpose and meaning beyond their job. It may be a pastime for you from a young age and is fulfilling. You may be one step away from monetizing your pastimes.

1.  Writing The benefits of picking up writing as a hobby to make money are low cost, a desirable communication skill, easy to start, and you can do it on your own.

2.  Photography Photography as a hobby can be very gratifying as you look to capture special moments in beautiful places.

3. Flying Drones Are you a fan of a flight and aspire to be an aerial photographer? Flying drones can be an exhilarating hobby that makes money.

4. Gardening & Landscaping Gardening is a hobby with lots of benefits. Besides encouraging you to work on your garden outdoors, it is a form of moderate exercise (if you work 2.5 hours) suitable for your mind and body.

5.  Music Listening to music can be soothing for your body and soul, relieving stress, providing health and wealth benefits.

6. Magic There are many benefits of magic beyond being a desirable hobby that makes money.

7. Standup Comedy When thinking about standup comedy as a hobby that you may want to monetize, there is significant overlap with magic.

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