Greenlight Card Review 2022: Best Debit Card For Kids And Parents

Your net income is based on your gross or pre-tax income and reflects your annual salary or based on hourly wages times the number of hours you worked.

Kids and teens get to be more independent using a prepaid debit card managed by their parents, learning to manage their money.

Studies show that the earlier parents provide children with opportunities for financial responsibility, the more children are accountable for how they use their money.


Greenlight’s basic plan costs $4.99 per month, includes: – Greenlight debit card covers up to five children. – Greenlight educational app for parents and kids. – Core financial tools.

Greenlight + Invest

This plan includes everything in the basic plan,  and at $7.98 per month, adds: – An investing platform – Can start with $1 in the account.

Greenlight Max

This is Greenlight’s premium offering at the cost of $9.99 per month, builds on the two lower-priced plans.

Greenlight At A Glance

Pros – Prepaid debit cards and apps for kids and parents provide many features. – Expanding offerings for the family, including investing for parents at no extra cost.

The Greenlight Is Best For:

– Families who seek financial education for their young kids. – Families want to instill their kids with increased responsibilities in a fun way.

Greenlight Product Features: - Prepaid Debit Card For Kids And App - Parental Controls - Savings Boosts - Round-Ups - Parents Paid Interest