Our Guide To Employee Equity Compensation Plans

Your equity compensation plan may be the best part of your benefits package.

Getting a competitive salary is important, but prospective employees should look at their employer’s benefits package as part of their compensation.

We look at various types of equity  compensation that can be meaningfully additive to your net worth while  boosting your motivation and confidence at work.

You should consult a tax specialist to understand potential tax consequences.

Consult A Tax Expert For Strategic Efficiencies

Reduce your exposure to a comfortable  level by fully diversifying your portfolio, primarily if your ownership  represents retirement assets.

Diversification Is Essential

An ESOP is a stock benefit plan and is among the most common forms of employee ownership.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan or ESOP

With an ESPP, the employees purchase shares usually at a discount based on an offering plan.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan or ESPPs

Restricted Stock Units or RSU’s have  been around for decades. Private or public companies may offer this  popular form of employee compensation.

Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Many employers grant stock options to attract and retain select employees, particularly in start-ups or fast-growing companies.

Employee Stock Options (ESOs)

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