Tips to Have a Beautiful Wedding Way Below the Average Wedding Cost

Weddings are a time filled with joy but also have become synonymous with spending a lot of money.

Many newly engaged couples experience sticker shock at the cost of wedding-related goods and services.

There are a host of factors that play into the overall cost of a wedding. There are averages to consider (and toss aside).

The location where your wedding takes place accounts for several factors, such as the average cost of living where your wedding professionals reside.

It’s also important to note that taking an average can skew data significantly, reporting a figure that isn’t truly representative of what most people are doing.

You also have to consider that the average is taken from a group of couples who specifically use The Knot’s platform to plan their weddings.

The short version of a long story: don’t pay attention to averages or allow them to influence your spending.

To understand how (and why) a wedding professional sets the rates for their services, one of the best things to do is to consider your own salary.

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