Drop Frugal Habits for Healthier Life

healthier life

Pinching pennies is a great way to bump up your savings account and get the most out of your money, but being frugal isn’t always unhealthy. Don’t be so frugal that you hurt yourself in some way.

Here are six things frugal people should not do, according to an online forum, even if it saves money.

One wise online commenter said, “Health is wealth.” It’s much more cost-effective to pay $100 yearly for teeth cleaning than $2,000 for a root canal. It’s best to focus on prevention because cures are much more expensive.

1. Don’t Skip the Doctor or Dentist

If you need new brake pads, tree branches trimmed, or gutters cleaned, call a professional to do the job. You could seriously injure yourself, or worse, if you attempt these kinds of risky tasks on your own, you may wind up with thousands of dollars in hospital bills and repairs.

2. Don’t DIY Dangerous Tasks

Getting your ears pierced at Claire’s, having your friend give you a tattoo, or letting a student cosmetologist cut your hair may seem like a cheap hack, but it can end in serious infections and despair. Like dangerous tasks, these kinds of things should be left to the professionals.

3. Don’t Trust the Untrained

Frugal people sometimes work themselves to the bone because they feel their time is best spent making money. However, excessive work can lead to both physical and mental health problems. Make sure you give yourself a break every so often.

4. Don’t Work Too Much

This list offers some broad advice for ditching unsafe frugal habits, but this one is very specific. Do not buy cheap shoes! Not only will you be uncomfortable or in pain, but unsupportive shoes can lead to long-term health problems, excessive fatigue, and bad moods.

5. Don’t Buy Cheap Shoes

Things like ramen, hot dogs, and Kraft mac and cheese are tempting because they cost pennies, but you must ensure your body receives the nutrition it needs. Sure, have ramen for lunch, but have some fresh veggies for dinner or fruit for breakfast

6. Don’t Eat Only Processed Food

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