Here Are 8 Key Questions to Ask When Buying a House 

There are many factors to consider during the home buying process. After all, buying a home most likely will be the biggest purchase ever in your life.

Questions to Ask When Buying a House

1. How Much Can I Afford? This question may seem to be the most obvious every potential homebuyer should ask. But, unfortunately, it’s not unheard of a person falling in with a house for sale without looking at their finances.

2. How Much Are Property Taxes?

Although the home’s purchase price may be attractive, it’s essential to account for property taxes because they vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.

3. How Much Are Closing Costs?

Aside from making a down payment on the house, there are closing costs to complete the real estate transaction between the buyer and seller. These closing include an origination fee, title search, title insurance, and appraisal fees.

4. Why Is the Seller Leaving? Usually, people sell their homes to upgrade to a bigger house or downsize because they are empty nesters. Another reason is their employer is relocating them to another city for work.

5. How Old Is the House? There is a charm with older homes. They are not typical cookie-cutter houses you find in new suburban areas. Unfortunately, homes built decades old are not necessarily up to the house standards today.

6. What Items Are Staying With the House? Buyers shouldn’t assume everything they see comes along with the house. Sellers stage their homes to help convince potential homebuyers to make an offer on their house.

6. How Much Are Utilities? Utilities are another expense homebuyers should account for. If you’ve lived in an apartment, the landlord may have included the utilities as part of your rent. So, it may come as a surprise when you see a bill you’re not used to paying.

7. Have There Been Insurance Claims Made? If the sellers had any insurance claims filed, you should check if the homeowners did repair them.

8. How Is the School District? Every parent wants their children to receive a quality education. For this reason, some parents move their family to specific areas for their children to attend a good school district and extracurricular activities.

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