Celebrities Hated Most by Their Colleagues

Hollywood’s Unpopular Stars

With fame and stardom comes criticism and hate. It’s not unusual for a celebrity to get hateful comments from anonymous fans or keyboard warriors who have never even met them.

6 Celebrities Hated The Most

Sadly, his performances are now tainted by his unsavory reputation. Former co-stars have labeled him racist, misogynistic, obnoxious, and bitter. Saying he’s challenging to work with is a generous understatement.

1. Chevy Chase

TJ Miller has been accused of heinous things, including assaulting and abusing a woman. It’s been reported that many of his peers have lost all respect for him, and some of his former co-stars said he was a typical bully on set.

2. TJ Miller

James Corden tends to rub people the wrong way. Many viewers despise his fake on-screen personality and poor taste in humor, but his Hollywood peers might hate him even more.

3. James Corden

Aside from the serious assault and abuse allegations, he also displays abhorrent behavior on movie and show sets. Co-stars have described him as being creepy and over-the-top when doing method acting, making for an uncomfortable and disturbing work environment.

4. Jared Leto

A laundry list of celebrities has talked ill about him, including Arsenio Hall, Dennis Miller, Jimmy Kimmel, George Lopez, Patton Oswalt, Howard Stern, Johnny Carson, and Conan O’Brien, just to name a few. It sounds like he is self-absorbed and unbearable.

5. Jay Leno

Lea Michele’s awful behavior on the set of Glee is no secret. On Glee, she plays an obsessive and slightly unhinged girl, which doesn’t seem too far off from her real personality. Other Glee actors have reported that she was racist, narcissistic, aggressive, and two-faced on set

6. Lea Michele

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