How Did Girlfriend Lower Her Boyfriend's Medical Bill by 99%?

As medical costs continue to rise, one brave soul puts up her dukes to the hierarchical powers that be to bring down her boyfriend’s medical bill. Here is the girlfriend’s account of her experience around holiday time.

Jane’s boyfriend went to the emergency room after an accident, and he had gotten “a truly ridiculous bill back.” She offered to fight the bill for him because she’d done it before, and he said sure.

Was Girlfriend A Hero For Fighting the Hierarchy To Get Her Boyfriend’s Medical Bill Down By 99%?

She offered to fight the bill for him because she’d done it before, and he said sure. She went all-out because the bill was out five grand, after insurance, which would screw up their holiday plans badly.

Jane shared her results with her boyfriend, saying, “Well, once I’d done all that (which was honestly only 15 minutes a day), they reduced the bill… From $5000 to $26. Yep, twenty-six @#$%&* dollars.”

She told her boyfriend about the reduced medical bill,  and he was initially happy. However, he asked how she did it. She shared some of the details, but when she gave him her phone, he flipped through the 60 or so emails.

The Masses Weigh In At nearly 71,000 upvotes, one person told Jane, “You are a friggin’ rock star and should be a professional advocate for those who get ripped in healthcare like this. Your boyfriend is so unappreciative and clearly clueless about how diligent you must be to challenge an erroneous bill..."

"...What else should you do when the hospital, doctors, and insurance companies are unwilling to help you resolve their errors? So many people just quit and either pay the massive bill or go into debt..."

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