How Many Jobs Are Available in Real Estate Investment Trusts?

The labor market landscape has significantly shifted over the past few years.

Employers once held significant leverage  over the market to the point where job-seekers would find a job and  then move to whichever city was required.

Now, employees hold more bargaining power, and many first decide on a city they want to live in, move there, and find a job once they are settled.

A real estate investment trust is a type  of security that uses public funds raised through offerings listed on  major stock exchanges to acquire real estate assets.

REITs hire portfolio managers,  investment analysts, property managers, leasing consultants, real estate  sales supervisors, and more.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Real Estate Investment Trusts?

Asset management is essential for real  estate investment trusts. It ensures each property within its portfolio  operates smoothly and meets certain investment expectations.

Asset Manager

While asset management jobs consist of  maintaining an existing asset, a development manager is in charge of  construction when building new facilities.

Development Manager

REITs are constantly looking to raise investment capital to purchase new  property. They may also decide to sell a property or portfolio and  exchange it for a new one.

Acquisitions Manager

Finally, a career as an investor relations specialist rounds out our list of best-paying jobs in the REIT industry.

Investor Relations

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