10 Parent Insights: How Much of a Financial Burden Is It To Have Kids?

It’s no secret that having kids costs a lot of money. But how much impact do kids make on your bank account?

Parents flooded a popular online personal finance forum with their opinion on the financial burden of having kids.

Sleep is the Real Sacrifice

The top-rated comment on the forum came from a parent who said, “I miss my sleep more than I miss my money.”

Expenses Shift As Kids Age

Some mentioned that costs shift as kids get older, and many agreed that the older the kids get, the more expensive they can be.

It Depends on Your Goals

“Having kids can be as expensive or cheap as you want,” one parent said.

Make Adjustments to Your Finances First

Some users suggested that new parents begin adjusting their finances as soon as they know they’re having kids.

You Need to Pay For More Space

An expense many parents might not consider is that you need more space with each kid. And that doesn’t just apply to your home.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

The little expenses add up over time too. Now instead of buying yourself a quick meal at McDonald’s, your kids need a couple of happy meals.

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