How Ridiculously Dumb Would It Be to Quit a Finance Job With No Backup Today?

It is tough out there in the job market. Companies are laying people off  left and right. People go for months and sometimes years and need help  finding a job in their chosen fields.

What can you do when working a highly-paid job in the finance industry that makes you feel terrible? That is the question asked by a forum member on a well-known Internet forum.

One particular answer stated that the stress and the damage to an  employee’s mental and physical health aren’t worth it when it reaches a  critical point.

You Do You

Another person said their depression and chronic acne cleared up immediately after the company fired them.

You Do You

The way to avoid being without a job is to continue to apply for jobs while you are still working.

Keep Applying For Other Jobs

It is more work, but almost every other person in the forum recommended that this person continually look for another job.

Keep Applying For Other Jobs

Quiet quitting is the idea that workers should give a job no more energy than the minimum required.

Quiet Quitting

The user who asked the question did mention that they live beneath their  means and have saved up about $25,000 in their bank account.

Save Your Money

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