How to Ask for A Raise and Motivate Your Boss To Help You!

Let’s start by saying that asking for a raise is a perfectly normal part of business life. It’s business 101 for managers. Yet, for employees, the idea of asking and affecting the status quo of your employee/manager relationship fills many people with anxiety-inducing paralysis.

How to Ask for a Raise First Things First – Prepare If you are asking for a raise, you control when you ask. You have time on your side, so start doing your research and build your confidence.

Create A List Of Accomplishments – Since your last raise, what have you accomplished? Did these accomplishments set you apart or go above and beyond your everyday responsibilities? Having this list of achievements could be key talking points.

Use The Internet To Find Similar Salaries – Sites like Glassdoor and popular job boards regularly post salaries of similar positions in other companies. This easily accessible information can be a huge talking point in meeting with your manager. If your salary is lower than the listings your finding, your manager’s discussion should be on how to increase your salary to industry standard.

The Best Time To Ask For A Raise Often people talk themselves out of something by saying it’s not the right time. However, when asking for a raise, anytime is the right time, after 12 months from your last raise. Annual performance reviews and raises are ordinary meetings. If that’s not normal for your company, you should set up a yearly review with your manager to get feedback and create a forum for these discussions.

Set Up The Meeting When you decide to ask for a raise, remember this is something you’ve been thinking about, but for your manager, it’s out-of-the-blue. If you ambush your manager, they may have a gut reaction to “NO” because it’s their job to maintain the status quo.

Tips For Your Salary Meeting Don’t make it into a presentation – Your manager should already be aware of your accomplishments by working with you or highlighted them in your earlier email. Be Confident and Specific About Your Raise - Based on your research; you should have a specific number in mind to match similar positions at different companies. Practice What You’re Going To Say

If They Say No, Here’s What To Do Don’t Create An Ultimatum – Don’t force yourself into a corner by saying, “I’ll quit if you don’t give me this raise.” Create A Plan For Another Raise Discussion in 6 Months – If your manager feels they can’t give you a raise right now, you should together set a hard time in the future to continue the conversation.

For many people, asking for a raise is a terrifying experience, but it’s essential to know that raises are a normal part of business life. The mystery lies behind the closed doors where these discussions occur. Both you and your manager play their cards close to their chest while everyone wants to maintain the status quo. If you follow these steps, and with a bit of practice, you will master asking for raise.

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