How To Control Spending With A Simple Budget

Have you wanted to manage your money better but didn’t know how to start? I know that I can do better for us, especially our kids, so they learn good habits.

Ultimately, our goal should be to reduce costs, spend smarter, save more for investing in what we value.

Understanding your monthly costs by  creating a simple budget to keep track of your spending needs is prudent  and may help you eliminate or reduce some areas.

We are a consumption-oriented society,  relying on too much borrowing. Consumer spending accounts for more than  two-thirds of our gross domestic growth.

We Spend and Borrow Too Much

The list of reasons for preparing a simple budget outweighs the plan for not starting one.

Begin A Budget To Accomplish Your Financial Goals

Fixed costs are usually periodic,  predictable, and often contractual. They are primarily inflexible  payments like rent, mortgage, car loans, insurance.

Household fixed costs

Pay yourself first with any savings by  putting some dollars into a 401K plan. Better yet, automate amounts via  direct deposit from your paycheck.


Shelter or housing is the largest cost  factor for the average person. These costs are mortgage costs or rent,  insurance, property taxes, furniture.


Like shelter, food is our most basic living needs and should account for 10% of our  after-tax income. This category has groceries, baked goods, and personal  care items.


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