How To Control Spending With A Simple Budget

Have you wanted to manage your money better but didn’t know how to start? Have you wanted to manage your money better but didn’t know how to start?

Ultimately, our goal should be to reduce costs, spend smarter, save more for investing in what we value. Or to keep for an emergency fund in the event you work for the federal government and there is a government shutdown.

A budget is the most basic of financial planning tools and gives us a start to saving money in the future.

American Psychological Association 2017 study reported 62% of Americans are financially stressed. Anxiety and stress can lead to serious health issues and workplace absenteeism.

We Spend and Borrow Too Much

We are a consumption-oriented society, relying on too much borrowing. Consumer spending accounts for more than two-thirds of our gross domestic growth.

There are many reasons people like us have not prepared a budget: fear, family arguments, too much work, and it won’t work. The list can go on.

Why Aren’t Americans Budgeting More?

I know these excuses well. By creating a budget, you may have more control over how to reduce spending, and put more money towards saving.

The list of reasons for preparing a simple budget outweighs the plan for not starting one. You need a place to understand what you are spending and saving to accomplish your financial goals.

 Begin A Budget To Accomplish Your Financial Goals

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