Dealing With The Awkwardness of Money

The awkwardness of money arises in many situations, adding discomfort, causing envy, and providing stress in relationships.

The Awkwardness Of Money Arises In These 10 Situations

1. When You Are In A Different Economic Situation Than Your Friends Post-graduation from high school or college, your friends may take different paths.

2. Shopping With Others With Different Spending Habits We are particularly prone to overspending when we shop in a group, especially with people who have more ease purchasing high ticket items.

3. Making A Loan To A Friend Or Being A Co-Signer You can politely and promptly say no. It may be your rule or that of your significant other not to make loans given your situation.

4. Roommate Agreements Will Spare You Some Discomfort About Money Issues Living with roommates can bring out inelegance when dealing with money.

5. Asking Your Boss For A Raise Being informed about the gap in your compensation should be used as motivation to speak to your manager.

6. Don’t Hire Someone You Know. It Can Be Awkward. A friend may ask if you can put in a good word for someone or get them an interview. Think carefully before you do so.

7. Talking With A Significant Other About Money When you are first dating, you don’t usually talk about what you earn or deal with money.

8. When People Tell You How To Spend Your Money People usually mean well when they give you advice on your clothes, weight, or working too hard.

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