How To Find a Coinstar Near Me and Ditch The Fees

Coins may be on the ropes, but they haven’t thrown in the towel yet. There are very few single coins that one can buy anymore, but with a big enough pile, you could earn a comfortable little payday by taking them to a Coinstar machine near you.

Coin machines offer a quick and convenient way to turn idle change into viable spending money, often without needing to go out of your way to find one. Unfortunately, they charge significant fees for that convenience, which nibbles at your jingly windfall.

How Does Coinstar Work If you’ve never used Coinstar or a similar brand of coin machine before, don’t worry — the process is very straightforward. Once you have gathered all the coins you would like to exchange, take them to a coin machine in your area.

Ditch The Fees

When you get to the machine, feed your loose change into the coin-sorting hopper, which will automatically separate and tally up your coins.

How To Locate a Coin Machine Near You You shouldn’t have to look far for the nearest Coinstar. Like Redbox, Coinstar kiosks are usually located at places you’re likely to frequent. Check, for instance, your local Kroger-family or Albertsons-family grocery store.

What Coinstar Charges

Coinstar offers convenient automation to make your life easier, and it needs to earn a profit as a business. So charging for its services makes sense, but Coinstar’s fees can take a sizable bite out of your couch cushion payday.

4 Ways To Avoid Coinstar Fees So you’ve gathered coins from every corner of your home, car, and a few questionable locations. You have a piggy bank, shoe box, glass jar, or coffee can that feels like it weighs 15 pounds.

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