How To Get a Cheap Rental Car for Your Next Trip

 So saving money on the vehicle to avoid getting in the way of your retirement savings is an excellent way to optimize your vacation budget.

Where To Find a Cheap Rental Car

Check Aggregator Sites Aggregation sites are an excellent place to get started. This will give you an idea of where the value might be in a specific market at a particular time.

Check the Direct Sites After checking the aggregator sites, it is good to check the rate directly on the rental companies website.

Don’t Forget About the Fees Other websites mention the total out-the-door price. You have to click on the next step to see the total fees on some websites.

Book Economy When booking a cheap car, it is essential to consider how much car you can afford. Economy cars are the lowest rate available in a car rental.

Consider Alternative Car Classes Often SUVs are the most expensive option for the same relative specs.  Sometimes, a comparably sized minivan is much more affordable than a full-sized SUV.

Check Out Turo Turo is a gig economy app that lets people rent out their vehicles as a side hustle. Often you can get better rates on vehicles through Turo than the major providers.

Avoid the Airports Airports can be convenient if you are flying into the city.  The rental company then passes this fee onto the customer.

Costco Membership  Costco membership is one of the most accessible group rates to be a part of because Costco membership has so many other benefits.

Ridesharing is another option instead of renting a vehicle. Ridesharing is cost-saving, especially if you are staying somewhere that has a parking fee in addition to the rental cost.

Planning a trip can be a lot of fun. However, keeping in the budget can take away from the enjoyment of that trip. There are plenty of options to keep your costs down when renting a car.

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