This Is How You Get Paid To Travel

Traveling the world is a dream for many of us. The problem is that it’s so expensive, it seems out of reach. But what if you could get paid to travel?

There are actually quite a few ways to make money traveling. Some of these methods require a lot of up-front work, while others require commitment and personal sacrifice.

You can get paid to travel by choosing a certain career or pursuing side hustles to help pay for your travel. Here are all the options to earn money traveling.

Start a Travel Blog

Travel blogging is the first thing that pops into most people’s minds when they want to get paid to travel on their own terms.

Some influencers work with travel gear companies, getting paid to show off the latest trends in luggage or travel jackets. There are plenty of ways that influencers can make money and get paid to travel.

Be an Influencer

Being a photographer ranks up there with journalism as a great way to get paid to travel, but with the advent of smartphones and easy access to editing tools, anyone can become a great photographer.

Become a Photographer

House-sitting can be a great way to cut your travel costs, if not get paid fully for your trip. Rather than paying for lodging on your next trip, use an app like Home Exchange to find opportunities for house sitting.

House Sitting

Volunteer Work that Pays for Your Travel

Volunteer work is traditionally unpaid, of course. Still, many volunteer organizations will pay for your airfare, and some even provide a stipend while you are in a foreign country working for them.

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