If She Moves, She Could Make Her Mom and Sister Homeless

A Reddit user shared her story of wanting to move but having to make her mom and sister homeless in the process.

Adult Responsibilities The original poster (OP) explained that she lives in an apartment with her mom and sister. She goes to school, takes care of her responsibilities around the house, and pays rent.

She cleans up after herself and everyone else. Even though she pays rent, OP said her mom still treats her like a child and expects her to follow all of her rules.

Mom and Sister Homeless

This included going to her church and doing church activities until OP started working more and changed her schedule for college. OP also has a curfew and strict rules about going out and having people over.

They have to be watched, and OP isn’t allowed to go to her girlfriend’s unless someone else is home at both houses. OP has told her mother that she wants to be treated more like an adult, but she refuses, saying it’s her house and, therefore, her rules.

OP thinks she should be treated more like a roommate because, technically, she is. OP’s girlfriend is moving to a city OP loves for college. It’s quite a ways away, but OP said it is beautiful and a lot warmer than where she is currently.

OP said she doesn’t want to leave them homeless, but she needs some independence and wants to stay close to her girlfriend. One of OP’s friends said she shouldn’t leave because her sister hasn’t done anything wrong and needs a roof over her head.

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