Impact Investing:  5 of the Best Ways to Start

Experts say that impact investing offers competitive portfolio performance.

Sustainable investment funds with assets of more than $260 billion have tripled over the past decade, and the growth continues.

Bloomberg predicts that ESG assets alone will exceed $53 trillion by 2025. So while the future is unknown and investing risky, change is coming.

A growth mindset is the opposite. You believe everything from your intelligence and capabilities to your overall lot in life is subject to change. Impact investing is a trend worth knowing.

What is  Impact Investing?

As an investment strategy that focuses on corporate social responsibility, it’s considered an extension of philanthropy.

– Stocks. – Exchange-Traded     Funds (ETFs) – Mutual funds – Venture Investments – Entrepreneurship.

Types of Impact Investments

Impact investors may focus on the part of the score as they may be interested in a specific impact the company makes in a particular area.

How Are Impact Investments Measures?

Investing is risky. However, investing in solid companies minimizes risk with and without responsible business practices.

Are Risks Lower With Impact Investments?

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