What Is An Interest-Bearing Account?

When you save money, you want to put it in a safe place, have readily available access, and earn some interest.

You don’t want to stash your cash in pillowcases, under your bed, or in a shoebox.

Managing your savings in your  interest-bearing accounts is crucial for maximizing interest-earning  while minimizing fees on all your funds.

These accounts are the safest and most liquid assets to manage and free from financial risk.

What is an interest-bearing account?

No worries. Our banks’ interest-bearing accounts are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per account and are safe.

Your Money Is Safe

Typically, banks use compound interest,  which is earning of interest on interest. The compounding effect helps  your money to grow faster.

Compound Interest

The plain vanilla savings account is a good starting place to make your deposits.

Traditional Savings Account

Typically, the high-yield savings accounts earn higher interest rates than the traditional savings rate.

High Yield Savings Account

These accounts are excellent for establishing an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

Emergency Funds

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