Is He Wrong for Calling His Girlfriend ‘Disgusting’ When She Cried?

A Reddit user shares his story of finding his wife crying and not approving of the reason.

Calling His Girlfriend ‘Disgusting’

Freedom of Expression The original poster (OP) explained that his girlfriend has a daughter from a previous partner who is a freshman in high school. Her daughter doesn’t have issues with bullies, has a great friend group, and seems happy in general.

OP found out that his girlfriend is upset that her daughter is not a popular cheerleader homecoming queen like she was in high school.

Her daughter loves anime, and she and her friends started an anime club at their school. She also loves Pokemon and video games. Her wardrobe mostly consists of black shirts with video game and anime characters on them.

She’s a happy child, though. She has a great social circle who all share her interests. Her mother just wishes she was in a different one.

Unacceptable Behavior OP said that all of the things she said made him see red. He called her “disgusting” and told her that she should be ashamed of herself. He said her daughter is happy and that she would be devastated to hear her mom crying over her perceived lack of popularity.

OP said his girlfriend was upset with him for not consoling her and “calling her names” instead. OP doesn’t believe the crying means anything, and is appalled that she said such “horrible” things.

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