Is She Wrong for Giving Her Mother-in-Law a Copy of Her Own House Key?

A Reddit user shares her story of her mother-in-law being too persistent about getting a house key, so she gave her one. Just not the one she was expecting.

Giving Her Mother-in-Law a Copy of Her Own House Key

Too Persistent The original poster (OP) explained that she and her husband recently bought a home together. His mom immediately began pushing for a copy of the house key “in case of an emergency.” OP told her that she and her husband had a rule that only the house residents get to have a key.

Her mother-in-law continued complaining and tried to get the rest of the family involved. Last week, OP said that she demanded that a copy of the key be sent to her.

OP said her mother-in-law was “livid” and told the rest of the family, who began to call OP names. OP’s husband also complains that she “escalated” the situation and made a mistake by upsetting her further instead of standing her ground and saying “no.”

The Masses Weigh In One user was able to see both OP’s and her husband’s perspectives. “NTA. When I read the title I thought you were going to pretend it was the correct key, and see how long it would take for her to try it.

Another user said it was concerning that the husband wasn’t stepping in to do anything. “NTA but I think the stunt made the situation worse. She seems exhausting, but I’m more concerned about why your husband isn’t stepping in and telling her to stop asking.”

Yet another user agreed that the husband was also an issue in this situation. “NTA. No is a complete sentence. She didn’t respect your answer, regardless of your telling her repeatedly. She is the a. And so is your husband for not standing up to his mother.”

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