Traveler’s Regret: 6 Must-Have Items You Overlooked in Your Packing List


Packing a suitcase is both an exciting and stressful experience, especially if you’re trying to fit a lot into one bag. No matter how meticulous you are, it’s normal to forget essential things occasionally.

According to a popular online forum discussion, these are the vital items you forgot to pack but now wish you had.

We think we can buy them anywhere, right? Wrong! Most online users who forgot to pack socks had difficulty purchasing them at their destination. It’s best to always leave them in a ziplock bag in your travel suitcase.


Have you needed Imodium when your stomach acts up because you’re trying new cuisines or nausea tablets when you feel a bit off? A travel expert notes, “I forgot my medication and had an upset stomach for days. No pharmacy was nearby, and I had to deal with it for several nights. It was a horrible experience. Carry your medication.”


This is one of the few items most people think they will find in their destination bathrooms. However, countless travelers admitted that it’s the most critical item they forgot to pack and didn’t find in their hotel rooms.


Those who participated in this online discussion agreed that flip-flops are mandatory but easy to forget. They come in handy when you’ve been traveling all day and want to kick back or when you’re tired of your boots and sneakers. One user specifically said, “Flip flops are always a saver, especially after long days! “

Flip Flops

Imagine this scenario: the plane leaves in thirty minutes, and you must process your boarding pass to catch it. Your phone is at a 5% charge. Before you know it, it shuts down, and you forget your power bank at home.

A Power Bank

It seems like a small and insignificant item, but it’s essential if you’ll be changing SIM cards. If you’re anything like me and constantly forget to pack yours, you’ll be stranded as you can’t go around asking other travelers if they carried one.

A SIM Card Poker

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