7 Jobs Only Really Smart People Can Do


In the world of work, some jobs require more than just a typical set of skills and qualifications. Some professions demand an extraordinary level of intelligence and cognitive abilities. These are positions where individuals need to think critically, solve complex problems, and make decisions that can have far-reaching consequences.

Neurosurgeons are highly specialized medical professionals who diagnose and treat conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. To excel in this demanding field, individuals must possess an exceptional level of intelligence, as they deal with intricate anatomical structures and complex surgical procedures.


Aerospace engineers design, develop, and test aircraft, spacecraft, and related systems. Their work involves solving complex problems related to aerodynamics, propulsion, and structural design.

Aerospace Engineer

Data scientists analyze large sets of data to extract meaningful insights and patterns, helping organizations make informed decisions. In this age of big data, their role is vital across various industries. To excel in this profession, individuals need a strong foundation in mathematics, statistics, and programming.

Data Scientist

International diplomats represent their countries on the global stage, negotiating treaties, resolving conflicts, and shaping international relations. This role requires exceptional intelligence, as diplomats must understand complex political, economic, and cultural dynamics to navigate sensitive negotiations successfully.

International Diplomat

Artificial intelligence (AI) research scientists are at the forefront of developing intelligent systems and machine learning algorithms. Their work involves pushing the boundaries of technology to create self-learning machines that can perform tasks once thought impossible.

Research Scientist in Artificial Intelligence

Investment bankers work in the fast-paced world of finance, advising clients on mergers, acquisitions, and investment opportunities. Their work demands sharp analytical skills and an ability to assess risk and reward accurately.

Investment Banker

Patent attorneys specialize in intellectual property law, helping inventors and companies protect their innovations and inventions. This profession requires an exceptional level of intelligence, as attorneys must have a deep understanding of both legal principles and complex technical concepts.

Patent Attorney

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