19 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Working from home is becoming more and more popular. Many legitimate work-from-home jobs will allow you to work from the comfort of your own home. Finding a job that will enable you to work from home gives you more flexibility for things like childcare, travel, and disabilities.

In many ways, it can also save you money. Working from home can be a real boon for many people who want, or need, that flexibility. Many workers choose to work from home in this new economy, and many companies are moving to flex or work from home models.

1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who performs remote administrative tasks for clients. Meaning, even without physically reporting at the client’s office, the VA or virtual assistant can access the documents needed to perform her role.

2. Graphic Designer

Those who have a knack for design can earn a living out of their passion. Even those who don’t master the much-techy design software such as Adobe Illustrator can design through the free and pro accounts of Canva.

3. Blogger

Many people who started and grew their blogs are already earning so much these days. However, if you want to reach where your blog income can replace your full-time income, you must also consider it their business and not just a hobby.

4. Freelance Writer

There are a lot of websites and blogs, and they do need writers to publish regular content. But, aside from that, the booming e-commerce industry has also paved the way to open doors for writers to create their product descriptions, email newsletters, sales funnels, Facebook ads copy, and more.

5. Social Media Manager

About half of the total global population today spends 144 minutes on social media. So no wonder businesses turn to social media to increase their sales while public figures and advocacy groups reach more people and broaden their influence.

6. Certified Public Accountant

Since CPAs work in a solitary environment, many CPAs are either self-employed or have the option of working from home.

7. Online Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

Despite the pandemic, more people are taking steps to improve their health. Online personal trainers or fitness instructors are happy to assist and monitor the fitness journey of their clients. This job may demand a certification, but it does not necessarily require a degree.

8. Web Developer

If you’re desperate for a career change and you love building websites, this can be a rewarding and versatile job for you. A Web Developer is responsible for designing and implementing the websites, web applications, and online stores that people use every day.

9. Coach Coaching is a kind of service that supports someone towards a goal. For example, you can be a life coach and help clients deal with depression and anxiety. A life coach is responsible for helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. This includes working with clients to identify and overcome obstacles, set achievable goals, and maintain a positive outlook.