8 Epic Lessons From Warren Buffett’s 2022 Shareholder Letter

Buffett’s letter is shorter than usual but remains upbeat, witty, and educational. Many of Buffett’s legendary quotes come from these letters filled with integrity, sardonic humor, and corniness.

This year’s message reminds us that the company’s well-positioned businesses reflect the economy, can withstand higher inflation, and pay a lot of taxes.

Buffett is always ready to vocalize his criticism aimed at company managements who use financial engineering to prop up earnings and their stocks more than is acceptable.

Property And Casualty Operations And Its Insurance “Float” The first giant is Berkshire’s 100% ownership of its insurance companies, managed by Ajit Jain, which provide products that positively perform in economic growth and inflation.

Berkshire’s Apple Stake Apple’s shares have more than quadrupled in value, benefiting from its growth and share buybacks.

BNSF – Its Railroad Business BNSF is more significant than any other American carrier based on miles and tons of cargo.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy According to Buffett, this utility business has long been making climate-conscious moves that are capital intensive, and the reason why it doesn’t pay dividends to Berkshire.

Three Ways To Increase Share Value - Controlled Businesses - Non-Controlled Businesses - Make Share Repurchases When The Price Is Right

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