Letter To My Son: 18 Ways To Do Better When Going To College

18 Ways To Do Better When Going To College

Make The Most of The Orientation Before Classes Start

The first week is an excellent time to get acclimated to school. You’ll have opportunities to learn about clubs, campus resources, essential Covid-19 protocols, meet new people, make friends, advisers, resident assistants (RAs), and more. Get involved,  participate, and enjoy yourself!

Clean Your Room

Things will be different when you are in your college dorm! You won’t have Dad, or I ask you to pick up and do your dirty clothing, bowls, and food particles from the floor, the steps, every bathroom, living room, and the kitchen. Your space will be far smaller, and you will share it with a roommate who may not appreciate your interior design skills.

Set Your Alarm (And Wake Up!)

Give yourself enough time to wake up, get ready, and go to class. Plan to set the alarm more than five minutes before class, or set it, but don’t let it goes off every five minutes. Dad will not be there to check if you are getting ready for school.

Attend Class Regularly And Study

You’ll read a lot more than you did in high school. There is no substitute for reading the material. I know I sound preachy, but as a professor, I see the difference between students who read the assignments and those that don’t, and it matters.

Handwrite Your Class Notes

We bought you a laptop recently, but you’ll recall my suggestion to write your notes rather than type them out. Handwritten notes are often more accurate, boost brain activity, and optimize memory. If you use your computer in class, highlight the significant points on index cards after class. That worked for me in law school.

Time Management Will Be Your Friend

Learn how to manage your time. Due to the pandemic, those affected by Covid and remote learning couldn’t enhance their time management skills. Teachers were more liberal about late assignments and lackluster attendance. Thankfully, those days are in the past, so make sure you manage your time by planning, reviewing dates that things are due, setting small goals, and moving through them course by course.

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