Life After the Jackpot: 6 Real Tales of Lottery Winners

Playing the lottery is a dangerous, addictive, and sometimes rewarding  hobby. Usually, you cash in two or three dollars from the five you spend  on the ticket, yet if you’re lucky, you can win big bucks or a jackpot.

Here are six accounts of what jackpot winners did with their newfound wealth.

When a neighbor won eight figures in a lottery, it seemed like not much changed for them, although the neighborhood took notice.

1. Eight Figure Winners

A woodworking teacher purchased lottery tickets frequently and had two lucky strikes. He won around $250,000 on each of the winning tickets but refused to leave his passion for teaching.

2. Clock Teacher

This lottery winner beams over his reward and says, “I won $250,000 on a $5 scratch-off eight years ago. It was right before Christmas, and I had been fired two weeks before.

3. Family Man

Instead of indulging in selfish purchases and flashy cars, he gave the money back to the church, investing in recording equipment to capture the sermons for those who couldn’t make the functions.

4. Deacon

Purchasing a piping hot or chilled coffee daily racks up the bank account and hurts the wallet. A cafe worker writes that one of their regular customers won the lottery and took home 1.2 million dollars.

5. Cafe Frequenter

All writers strive to crack into the New York Times Bestselling list and make millions. She got a new vehicle after an aspiring novelist cashed in her $82,000 lottery prize.

6. Potential Bestseller

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