How To Make And Save Money At A Flea Market

You’ve probably heard the term “Flea Market” before. You may have even visited a flea market.

While the name is a bit suspect on the surface, visiting flea markets  can be an enjoyable pastime and a great way to find unique items at  bargain deals.

Read on to learn all about flea markets, including the origin, types of flea markets, how you can make and save money, and why the term “flea” market.

Put simply, a flea market is a type of street market in which vendors sell second-hand (or previously-used) merchandise.

What is a Flea Market?

Outdoor markets selling various goods have existed for millennia, but the term flea market has relatively recent origins.

Why the Term “Flea Market?”

First, flea markets can either be more permanent or seasonal.


Whether you enjoy the experience of walking the stalls or the  convenience of shopping without leaving your home, the good news is  there is now a flea market perfect for your shopping habits.


If you’re talented at crafts, upcycling, or a frequent garage-saler or  antiquer, then you might consider operating a booth at a flea market as a  vendor.

Making Money as a Vendor

One unique thing about flea markets is the ability to haggle. Haggling  is when the buyer and seller negotiate the price of the item until both  agree.

Saving Money as a Buyer

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