How Married Couples Chose Their Engagement Rings

Married couples

You’ve popped the question. Kneeled on one knee, presented a glimmering gem, proposed, and looked forward to the future spent with your love.

Romancing the Ring

“My grandmother pulled me aside five minutes after meeting my now wife, then girlfriend, for the first time, and said that she really loved her and she would fit right into our family. They had a really good bond for a couple of years before my grandmother passed.

Grandmother’s Wishes

One person accounts their experience despising every single ring protected in a fancy jewelry store. Since they didn’t favor expensive rings, they traveled to a vintage thrift store and fell in love with a vintage 1950s ring for the whopping price of $300.

Not Into Traditional Jewelry

This person shares how they designed their Pinterest board after the rings they hoped to acquire during a proposal. Their boyfriend considered their vision and ordered a custom ring modeled after the Pinterest board pictures.

Pinterest Board

A couple dishes on their engagement story. The now-husband wanted to set aside a generous amount for the engagement ring, but the now-wife decided against that idea, urging the husband to spend the extra money on their wedding.

First Date Nostalgia

“My wife is a chemist and agronomist. She was working on her master’s in agronomy, and part of her thesis project had to do with cobalt and molybdenum. So I got her a cobalt chrome engagement ring (which happens to also be 6% molybdenum).

Because Science

A user bites that blood diamonds wouldn’t be what they are without the blood. That statement speaks to numerous married couples, as they stand by the idea that lab diamonds are ethically sourced minerals without the destruction of natural habitats for a far lower price.


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