Frustrated Millennials Say This is the Worst Advice Received From Boomers


Millennials often receive advice from Baby Boomers. While some of this advice can be helpful, others can be downright terrible.

We scoured the internet to find some of the worst advice Millennials have received from Boomers.

One of the most common advice Millennials receive from Boomers is to buy a house as soon as possible. Buying a home doesn’t always make sense in the current economy.

“Buy a House, No Matter What.”

Another standard piece of advice Millennials receive from Boomers is to stick with a job, even if they hate it. However, as another pointed out, “I was told to stay in a job I hated because ‘a job is a job’ and ‘you’re lucky to have one.'” Millennials are more likely to job-hop than previous generations.

“You Should Stick With a Job, Even If You Hate It.”

Many Boomers believe that getting married and having children should be a priority for Millennials. This doesn’t consider why many Millennials delay marriage and children for financial and personal reasons.

“You Should Get Married and Have Children as Soon as Possible.”

Boomers often believe that Millennials should only study something practical in college, such as business or engineering. Many Millennials are passionate about pursuing arts, humanities, and social sciences careers.

“You Should Only Study Something Practical in College.”

One of the harshest pieces of advice that Millennials received from Boomers is to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. This advice implies that success is solely based on individual effort and doesn’t consider systemic inequalities and barriers to success.

“You Should Pull Yourself Up by Your Bootstraps.”

As one commenter on the thread stated, “I was told to save for retirement, but with rising rent, student loans, and low-paying jobs, I barely have enough to cover my bills. Saving for retirement is a luxury that I can’t afford.”

“You Should Work Hard and Save for Retirement.”

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