Millennials And Investing:  A Study And Six Tips

The study debunked 7 myths about millennials and investing and provided constructive implications for millennials and those financial businesses that court them with financial products.

Before the survey findings, here are my 6 Tips for  Millennials: Save Set up an emergency fund Use your workplace retirement plan Set up your own retirement account Invest, invest, invest

8 facts about millennials and investing

1. Millennials are not alike and those millennials that have retirement accounts and taxable accounts are ahead of those non-investor millennials that do not yet have either.

2. Millennials will have more opportunities for employer-based 401K plans, even if they are part-time workers, interns, or independent contractors.

3. High usage of smartphones are providing millennials with access to money management capabilities, notably fintech transactions and information.

How would you rate your financial knowledge in investing, financial products and services? Would you consider more personal finance education and where would it be best for you? Are you a millennial and what topics are you interested in?

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